As a loving parent, you want to give your kids all of the opportunities that you can go help them grow and thrive. You know that learning an instrument has great benefits for kids (and is fun, too!), but how can your family's busy schedule fit in music lessons on top of the sports your kids are involved in? Do you need to choose which activity to do and which one to cut out? Let's take a look!


The biggest challenge for families trying to fit in lots of activities is that you need to drive your kids to each activity. Not only that, but you end up waiting around while the activity is going on, then driving back home (or to yet the next activity). And when you have two, three, or even more kids, things get even more hectic.


With sports you have no option but to drive your kids to practice and games. However, with Right Start Music you DO have an option! Since our music teachers come to your home, you don't have to drive around town any more than you already do. You can fit music lessons into your family's schedule without adding another weekly road trip, and you don't have to sacrifice sports to make it happen. Here is what parents are saying about how we have helped solve this problem for their family:

​"If Right Start Music didn't come to the house we probably would not be able to do both music lessons and sports." - Denise S.

"It makes life a lot easier. With three kids in sports and school, all we do is drive." - Jane T.

"With Right Start Music I don't have to drive to another studio, I don't have to conform to their time, they will work with me and figure out a time that works for us." - Regina F.


For some parents, taking the time to drive to activities isn't the problem, they simply don't have the energy to fit in another activity. With Right Start Music you won't need to make the choice between giving your kids the gift of music and having a much needed break from the rat race. Let our teachers come to you so your kids can enjoy and grow with music while you spend the time with something more relaxing, fun, or (dare we say) productive than driving around town.

If you would like to get started with lessons for your child then we would love to help you get connected with a fantastic teacher! Just give us a call or fill out the form below and we will look forward to speaking with you. Thank you and have a great day!


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 We believe that learning to play an instrument should be fun, which is why we focus on bringing you the best music teachers for kids and teens in Collin County. Our instructors are more than just talented musicians, they understand how to make lessons motivating and engaging for both beginner and intermediate students.

Wonder What Other Parents Think?

 "I've never seen my son so excited about learning! Overall a quality group who really care about their students." - Mike H.

 "It has been an AMAZING experience to see our daughter's confidence grow." - Karly B.

 "It couldn't be a more perfect match. This is the first time she has really enjoyed and looks forward to her lessons. I would highly recommend Right Start." - Julie A.

 "As a busy mom, I love that the lessons are at home so I don't have to drive all over town. The lessons are enjoyable, productive, convenient and affordable." - Michelle L.

 "My daughter has improved tremendously and actually looks forward to her lessons since we switched to classes at home with Right Start." - Erica G.

 "The highest caliber of teacher - prompt, courteous, meticulous, creative, and fun" - Emily D.

 "She absolutely adores her teacher and I am impressed with her progress in such a short time. It has been a great experience and I am so happy to have found Right Start Music!" - Jen L.

 "The lessons are easy to follow and we've seen real progression in just a few months. My children love their lessons." - Jill B.

 "Our girls have made great progress while having fun, too. We couldn't be happier." - Ryan G.


 Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself why thousands of parents have trusted Right Start Music for their children's musical journey. Watch our testimonial video and read reviews from happy customers to see why people love telling their friends about us. Just click the play button!

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