There are a few things to consider when purchasing a bass guitar for your student. With these simple tips you can help ensure that they have the right instrument that will fit them well and be fun to play, so let's take a look!


It is important to keep in mine that bass guitars have a longer scale than regular guitars. This means that the neck of the bass guitar is longer (students will have to reach further) and the distance from one fret to another is also longer (students with shorter fingers will have more trouble). For teenagers this shouldn't be an issue, but for students who are younger it may be more beneficial to purchase a short scale bass guitar so it is a size they can reasonably play without frustration. Any store that sells bass guitars should be able to help you find a good short scale, or "mini" bass guitar.


You may have noticed that most bass guitars have four strings while some have five strings (and some even have six or seven!). The extra string on a five string bass allows you to play lower notes, which is common with heavy rock music. So with these options, which one should you choose?


For most beginners we recommend starting with a four string bass guitar. This is the "standard" and it will be the easiest one for students to learn on. Having the extra string on a five string bass guitar makes it more difficult to play most songs because most songs do not use it, and having the extra string that you do not use makes things a bit more challenging. Additionally, it makes the neck wider, making it harder to play for young students.

If a students wants to get a five string bass for a specific reason (if they especially like music that typically makes use of extra low end) and they are around 13 or older, then it may make sense to buy a five string bass. But for most students, four strings is the best option to start with.


When it comes to guitars, there is a big debate over starting off with an acoustic or electric guitar. But when it comes to bass guitar, most of the time it works best to buy an electric bass. Acoustic guitars are used for a very wide variety of different musical styles (even very heavy rock music uses acoustic guitar sometimes), but acoustic bass guitars are mostly used in very specific circumstances. Probably only about 1% of songs that you hear on the radio use an acoustic bass guitar (it may be even less that, to be honest). Many professional bass guitarists do not even own an acoustic bass, so we recommend getting an electric bass guitar.

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