For most parents, when they ask their children which instrument they would like to play, they cross their fingers and hope they don't say "drums!" For obvious reasons, many parents would prefer that their children learn to play instruments with more controllable volume levels. As loud as electric guitar can be when played through an amplifier, there is still a volume knob that can be turned down. But many parents are unaware of what could be their sanity's savior... Electric drums.


Electric drums have many benefits over acoustic drums. The first, and often most desired benefit, is the fact that they have a volume knob. The sound of the drum pads themselves makes a little bit of noise, but it is quite often quieter than even an acoustic guitar. The sound level can be turned up when played through an amp or speakers, but headphones can also be used so the student can hear the drums without disturbing the entire house. So for those parents out there who say "no" to drums because of volume, the electric drum set can be an excellent compromise so students can learn the instrument they want and still keep the volume down.

Another advantage of electric drums is that they can be a lot of fun for young students because they can produce many different sounds. You can customize the sounds of every drum pad to be different, and kids usually love to play with the possibilities. This is a great benefit because it makes learning fun and keeps the student's interest, especially for very young drummers. Also, electric drum kits don't take up much room and can easily be positioned in the corner of a room without being too bulky.


There are many benefits of acoustic drums over electric drums as well. The first advantage is the fact that they feel more natural to play on. As a drummer, one of the most important aspects of technique is understanding how to utilize the "rebound" of the stick to your advantage. Electric drums have much more rebound than acoustic drums, which seems like a good thing but can end up being a disadvantage. If a student gets too comfortable with relying on the extra bounce that electric drums produce then it can make the transition to an acoustic drum set much more difficult. If a student gets comfortable on acoustic drums then the transition to electric drums is very simple. It has a more natural feel and is better suited for students who are wanting to take their drumming to the next level and focus on proper technique.

Another benefit of acoustic drum sets is actually what seems to many parents as a negative. The sound produced, though loud, is much more desirable for a live performance or recording environment. They have a much more natural and organic sound and are preferred by live sound engineers and recording engineers alike. However, this is usually more of a benefit down the line when a student becomes comfortable enough behind the kit to be able to perform in a band situation. For starting out as a beginner this may not be a significant benefit.


Now that you know a few of the benefits of both acoustic and electric drum sets, making the decision that is right for you can come down to your student's goals, their practice environment, and your budget. Say you have a nice spot in a part of the house that can contain the sound well and your student has aspirations of playing in a band. In this situation, you would have both the ability to have acoustic drums without driving yourselves or your neighbors crazy, plus the drum kit has a good necessity for your student's goals. On the other hand, for a family in a smaller home or an apartment with a student who is just starting off and just wants to play for fun, an electric drum set could be the right choice. The volume can be contained much easier, it takes up less space, and it can produce many fun sounds the student may enjoy. From a price perspective, an entry level electric drum set is usually more cost prohibitive than an entry level acoustic drum set. Prices for both kinds can get to be quite pricey if you want to spend the money, but getting started can be a little easier on the wallet with on a starter acoustic kit. Electric drums do tend to hold their value quite well, though.


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